Peterson Field Guides - Backyard Birds Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

An Introduction to Peterson Birds of North America for the iPhone and iPad

A must-have app for nature lovers, backyard birders and serious ornithologists. Peterson Birds includes information from 8 existing Peterson Field Guides, along ...

Intro to Peterson Feeder Birds of North America

Audobon Birds: A Field Guide to North American Birds App Review -- Check out the written review here. Find out what we thought of Audobon Birds, an app that's currently available ...

Audubon birds-app review

The award winning, must-have bird app. Now with NatureShare; a new social community where members can experience, collect, and share the outdoors.

Bird-Field guide-North America By National Geographic | video walk-through

National Geographic presents an innovative, beautiful, and interactive field guide to the birds of North America with a new offering for iPhone/iPod touch.

Audubon Guides Bird App Walkthrough

We've just released the best-selling National Audubon Society field guide series in mobile format, putting the most authoritative and comprehensive information ...

Sibley Lite App Review

Review of Sibley Lite, an app that is based on the Sibley Field Guide.

David Allen Sibley discusses "The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America"

DAVID ALLEN SIBLEY is the author and illustrator of the series of successful guides to nature that bear his name, including the" New York Times" best seller ...

birdJam HeadsUp Warblers App Demo for iPhone and iPod touch

A video demo of birdJam's new iPhone & iPod touch App birdJam HeadsUp Warblers.

Bird Song Id by Isoperla

Bird Song Id is an app by Isoperla that runs on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It uses an Automatic Recognition feature to help you identify a bird ...

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